Summer Skills books meet all Title I criteria and provide a solution that is effective, affordable, and widely acclaimed.  Learn more about how these books can be incorporated into your educational programming by  emailing or calling at 800-411-8186.

Focused and comprehensive subject matter

Each book zeroes in on a specific subject, ensuring that students gain a comprehensive understanding. The mixed-skills approach ensures lessons are dynamic and not drill-focused, improving long-term retention.

Mixed-skills approach

Summer Skills are not repetitive or drill-focused like other educational books. We give students practice in a variety of skills in each lesson, which keeps them engaged and improves long-term retention.

Portable, non-digital and easy to use

In an age where screen time is a concern, Summer Skills books are an offline, portable solution. Students can engage with them anywhere, promoting flexibility in learning.

Made in the USA

Summer Skills books are written, published, and printed in America. We are proud to say that we are a Made in the USA product – supporting our community and our country.

Standards-based content

Summer Skills books are in line with the Common Core curriculum and meet the academic standards of all 50 states, ensuring alignment with your curriculum goals.

Boosting student confidence

Whether students require a review or remedial support, these books prepare them for the new academic year, building their confidence and readiness.

Affordable with support

Priced at just $19 per book, this is a cost-effective solution. Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that educators and parents can call and/or email us. Tiered pricing is available for orders over 150 books. We also offer free shipping to schools.

Proven Track Record

Since 1991, over 20,000 schools nationwide have benefitted from our books, impacting millions of students positively.