Good News! We are thrilled to announce that the Summer Skills books will continue into the future with the same products, staff and customer service. The new owners have worked closely with Summer Skills for two decades and are as dedicated to the books and customers as we have been over the past 28 years. Stay tuned for some exciting new ideas from the new Summer Skills team! Watch for our price rollback.

Millions Sold!
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Make sure learning is part of their summer

The Summer Skills books include two different
series of review books (math and language arts)
for students from pre-k through high school.
Our foreign language series and Study Skills
Sharpener book are for students in the 7th grade
through high school. Each grade level book helps students maintain their academic skills over the summer months. Since their introduction in 1991, our books have benefited millions of students in over 20,000 schools nationwide.

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Why Our Books Work

Requiring only 20 minutes per day, 3-4 times per week, for ten weeks means kids will actually do them.

Their single-subject focus reinforces important subject matter while pinpointing areas of weakness.

The mixed-skills concept ensures that a variety of concepts is reviewed in each lesson.

They include all answers for immediate feedback.

Our books meet or exceed all state standards and the Common Core Curriculum.

The books focus on subject matter, not games or busy work.

They are affordably priced at $18 each plus shipping.

They don’t add more time with electronic devices!