Summer Skills Temporary Shutdown (As of October 21, 2019)

It’s with sadness that we at Tri-C say good-bye to all our wonderful customers.  It’s been an amazing 28 years helping students and talking to parents, teachers, students, principals, tutors, curriculum directors, Title I coordinators, summer school facilitators and everyone who used or recommended the Summer Skills books.   We are still in negotiations with another company to carry on the publication of the Summer Skills books. Because of this, we are unable to accept orders at this time. We will keep you informed when we have something definitive to share.  Meanwhile, thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Tri-C Team
Carolyn, Cheryl, Char, Tracy, Terri and Sue

Mandarin Chinese with Mandy and Pandy for Kids 3 - 6.

Mandy and Pandy is a series of six board books accompanied by an audio CD. Mandy and Pandy make learning Mandarin Chinese fun and easy. Each book is $15 plus shipping.

Each Board Book Includes:

  • 18 pages in English and Chinese (phonetic and Chinese characters)
  • Beautiful illustrations printed on high quality board paper
  • An audio CD with English and native Chinese narration for correct pronunciation.


Mandy and Pandy Say, “Ni Hao Ma?” – Teaches simple words and phrases.

Mandy and Pandy Play, “Let’s Count” – Teaches counting from 1 to 10.

Mandy and Pandy Visit China – Teaches travel and food vocabulary.

Mandy and Pandy Play Sports – Teaches vocabulary for different sports played in China.

Mandy and Pandy Play, “What Colors Do You See?” – Teaches vocabulary for objects around a lake and what colors they are.

Mandy and Pandy Visit the Zoo– Teaches vocabulary for zoo animals.